Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy welcomes Myanmar contestants for logo design contest


Khit/Yoon (NP News) – Jan 28

The State Administration Council (SAC) has announced that the Myanmar citizens will be able to participate in logo design competition of the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMEC).

The competition will be led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and will reportedly open for the Myanmar citizens for ages between 15 and above, individually or in groups.

Application forms for competition can be sent to ACMECS Interim Secretariat's email [email protected] from February 1st to March 31st, according to the statement.

The winners of the competition will be awarded US$ 1000 for the first prize, US$ 500 for the second prize and US$ 500 for the third prize.

Contestants need to submit their logo designs in JPEG/PNG/PDF file format and the logo must be a high resolution with at least 300 DPI size, the statement said.

Application form, terms and conditions and detailed information about the competition can be obtained starting on February 1 at https://shorturl.at/zAJOW and the QR Code attached to the advertisement.

The applications will be reviewed by the ACMECS Interim Secretariat and evaluated by the award selection organized by the representatives from ACMECS member countries.

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