Myanmar designates 4,600 acres in Mudon for constructing international port, airport


Khit / Yoon (NP News) - Aug 22
Mon State government stated that more than 4,600 acres of land from Mudon Township located in Mon State were designated for construction of the new international port terminal and airport.

The international port terminal will be constructed between Balout Nyaung Waing Village and Welkali Village in Mudon while the airport will be built near Kawparam Village located in Mudon, according to the Mon State Government.

“In accord with instructions of the head of state, a new international airport and a port terminal are projected to be built at the place not far from Mawlamyaing. The Deputy Minister of the relevant ministry did field work himself at the site location. He agreed on the land that was chosen to construct the airport near Kawparam Village in Mudon, and agreed on the land chosen for constructing the international port terminal,” Aung Kyi Thein, spokesperson of the Mon State Government told NP News.

A total of 4626.29 acres of land including 3447.42 acres and 469.17 acres of land are projected to construct for the international airport and port terminal respectively.

The two projects will likely be beneficiaries as parts of the East-West Economic Corridor which crosses mainland of Southeast Asian countries.

Authorities plan to provide compensations worth of 72b Kyats to the people to have the land for constructing the project. The compensations are projected to provide for confiscation of lands on which locals planted crops and cultivations, Aung Kyi Thein said.

He said, “Project implementation can be commenced only after provided the compensations for land confiscation. Therefore, we made requested to the central authorities to allocate budget for compensations in the revised budget.”

Ministry of Transport and Communications is planning to provide the compensations so as to proceed the projects.

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