Domestic tour sites get hands full with travel booking for December holidays


Khit / Yoon (NP News) - Dec 12

Hotels in the popular domestic tour destinations including #Chaungthar, #Ngwesaung, #Bagan, #Taunggyi and #Inle have been engaging with full reservation for accommodation booking for the upcoming December vacations, according to the #travel_and_tourism services.

Beaches, especially located in Ayeyarwady Region, Chaungthar, Ngwesaung and Ngwe Thaung Yan host more and increasing numbers of travelers than back in 2020 and 2021.

In addition, the cultural heritage area ‘Bagan’ doesn’t fail to host travelers this year. Increasing numbers of domestic tourists reportedly engaged for reservations at hotels in Bagan for the upcoming December holidays.

“Hotels are fully occupied with bookings for the Christmas holidays. It can be said that we’ve got increasing numbers of travelers in Bagan,” remarked by a hotel service provider Ma Wai Lay from the Bagan tourism industry.

Similarly, express tickets to Taunggyi-Inle-Kalaw were sold out for the December holidays, reports say.

“Yes, it is; a total of two-thirds of the car tickets have been sold out to Taunggyi-Inle-Kalaw. Hotels are providing competitive services for this season,” an officer from the express bus to Taunggyi-Inle-Kalaw told NP News.

After the country has been stuck in difficulties for nearly three years: the Covid pandemic in 2020; political unrest in 2021; and instability with violent attacks in 2021 and 2022, people become a thirst for a fresh atmosphere so that the domestic tourism sector has resumed.

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