Nam Nain massacre details revealed


NP News – Mar 18


When the KNDF invaded Pa-O territory – The KNDF is a terrorist organization based in Pekon, Kayah State. On 24th February 2023, the KNDF terrorists encroached to Taung Mae Thin Village from Lone Pyin Village Tract pretending as the civilians. There were approximately 60 members of them. They came to the village with 12 trucks. On 25th February, the KNDF terrorists, with weapons, invaded and occupied Taung Mae Thin, Lone Pyin, Pin Pon and Nam Nain villages. Then, the KNDF terrorists robbed and theft properties of Pa-O villagers. In fact, those days were the 74th Anniversary of Pa-O National Day. Therefore, Pa-O ethnic villagers celebrated the national day in Kyauktalongyi Town. The KNDF terrorists occupied the villages and took foothold when there was lack of Pa-O ethnic villagers at the villages.

Attack in the villages – Armed conflicts commenced in Taung Mae Thin Village on 26th February 2023. The indigenous Pa-O villagers were forced to flee. Clashes were intense in Nam Nain Village on 27th February 2023; and there were few villagers, presiding monk and two Buddhist monks left at the monastery in the village. They had to stay in the basement from 6th March to 11th March.

First murder case – On 11th March at an estimated 7:30 am, two villagers went out from the basement in order to check the situations of the village. When they arrived outside of the monastery, the KNDF terrorists started shooting from the residential houses. The two villagers run into the monastery into the basement. The villagers recounted the monks and the villager in the basement that the KNDF terrorists attacked and shot us but they didn’t believe. At the time, the villager who had been in the basement since 6th March, namely Phyar Aye, went out from the basement; then, he was shot and dead.

Second murder case – After Phyar Aye was shot and dead, six villagers from the basement tried to run from there and they escaped on 11th March 2023 at an estimated 10 am. After they left, flames and fire were observed in Nam Nain Village at an estimated 2 pm. On 12th March, the presiding Sayadaw, two Buddhist monks, and 18 Pa-O ethnic villagers were brutally murdered by the KNDF terrorists.

Returning corpses of the presiding Sayadaw and two monks; and holding funeral – The KNDF terrorists took the corpses of Sayadaw and two monks to Latain Village located in Pekon. Latain Village presiding Sayadaw and Saungpyaung Sayadaw assisted in negotiation with the KNDF terrorists to get back the three Buddhist monks’ corpses. On 14th March 2023, the corpses were brought back from Pekon with assistance of local charity. On 15th March 2023, funeral of the three Buddhist monks were hold at 11 am at Saungpyaung cemetery.

Nam Nain incidents from 24th February 2023 to 16th March 2023 invaded by KNDF terrorists –
Since the day invaded and occupied by the KNDF terrorists on 24th February 2023, they took footholds on every militarily strategic high grounds, monasteries and residential houses in Nam Nain Village. The KNDF terrorists haven’t withdrawn till 16th March. Both State armed forces (Tatmadaw) and Pa-O National Army (PNA) cannot enter into the village. Therefore, there is only one KNDF forces in Nam Nain Village at the time.


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စစ်တပ်လော်ဘီများတင်ထားသော ‌kndf အလောင်းဆိုသည့် သေနတ်ဘေးချရိုက်ထားပုံများကို လုံးဝလျစ်လျူရှုထားသည်မှာ ဂျာနယ်လစ်မပီသကြောင်း ထောက်ပြချင်ပါသည်

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