SAC plans to draft bill controlling interference of foreign cells in national security


Hsu/ Myo Gyi (NP News) – May 25

The State Administration Council (SAC) is planning to establish a robust legal framework to control manipulations and infiltrations of the infiltrators, who receive foreign backing, in the country’s politics, security and economics.

According to the SAC, committee for drafting the law on foreign and international organizations has been established led by the Deputy Police Chief, Commissioner Aung Naing Thu. The committee is composed of 19 members from Myanmar Police Force, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, and other departments.

The SAC firmly stated that there will a control scheme from the legal aspect on the foreign-backed operatives who seek to manipulate the country’s affairs taking financial and other assistance from foreign countries. With their inspiration, they are implementing their own vested agendas from their patrons. These agents like entities are trying to mingle or manipulate the nation’s interest, sovereignty, territory, rights and responsibilities of the citizens.

The committee is assigned to study the legal practices that are exercised in ASEAN and other countries with regard to the related matters so as to ensure drawing the law (draft) that will fit with Myanmar’s situations. The committee shall get recommendations and directions from Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Legal Affairs.

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