Businesses expect to relax license process for solar and related products import


Khit / Yoon (NP News) – Aug 21

The domestic entrepreneurs who import the solar and related items are expecting for relaxation in tax for the import of solar and related equipment.

The solar system is a renewable energy that helps to solve the problem of electricity shortage in Myanmar, and it can reduce expenses more effectively than other projects.

“I think, solar energy is a solution to solve the current situation. Other energy like hydropower is costly. I think that solar is necessary because it can set up for both a residential house and a factory,” a solar importer told NP News.

The Ministry of Planning and Finance has exempted tax on the imports of solar and related items since April 1st 2023 in order to solve domestic electricity shortage. However, it hasn’t relaxed in import license process.

At present, the solar energy is widely used by the factory owners and middle-class persons. The installation cost for a residential house will be ranging from 300,000 MMK and 400,000 MMK.

“Most factories and middle-class households are widely using the solar. The grassroots also installed but small ones. The installation cost depends on their budget; the prices are starting form 3 lakhs to millions MMK. It’s depending on the situations if the quality is priority or solving the electricity shortage is priority,” the entrepreneur said.

Myanmar imports solar and related items mostly from China.

The government announced in last month to buy the power from small solar systems installed in the private land of citizens and entrepreneurs.

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