SAC values NCA, either welcome EAOs to walk together on NCA path


Khit (NP News) – Aug 24

The State Administration Council (SAC) always values the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA); either always welcomes remaining EAOs that have not signed the NCA or that have not participated in the ongoing peace talks despite of being NCA-S-EAOs, according to the SAC spokesperson Major General Zaw Min Tun.

The spokesperson made a speech during the press conference held on August 22 at the office of Ministry of Information in Naypyidaw.

During the press conference, “Whether declaring terrorist organizations list is depending on their actions. As a government, we always welcome to walk on the NCA path. But only for some measures. I want to say, all are depending on their actions,” Major General informed.

In addition, the SAC always values the NCA; therefore, the SAC has allowed and relaxed the restrictions to be discussed in the peace talk, he added.

“Tatmadaw always formulate the peace as per the NCA path. There are 10 NCA signatories EAOs. Only three of them do not attend the ongoing peace talk. We are also discussing with other three EAOs that have not signed the NCA yet. Anyway, we keep in touch with all EAOs. On the other side, we will conduct every effective measure for the security of the people,” Major General said.

There have been 10 EAOs that signed the NCA in previous governments’ administration terms. Among them, the KNU, CNF and ABSDF are now getting deviated from the NCA path.

At present, the National Solidarity and Peace Negotiation Committee (NSPNC) has been conducting 22 peace talks with the NCA signatories EAOs at the time being.

The claims, decisions and suggestions made by the EAOs during those peace talks were collected and the peace process has been conducted with velocity, according to the Major General.

In addition, the SAC welcomes other EAOs to achieve domestic peace by holding peace talks, the Major General informed.

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