Keng Kham Dam expected to produce 24 kWh upon completion


Hsu/ Yoon (NP News) – Sep 5

It is reported that 24 million kilowatt hours of electricity will be generated upon completion of the Keng Kham Dam located in Shan State.

Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation U Min Naung paid an inspection visit to that multipurpose dam construction site on 2nd September.

The multi-purpose dam project is being implemented on Namt Eak Creek, near Keng Kham Village, Yat Sauk Township in Southern Shan State.

Upon the completion of the Keng Kham multi-purpose dam, it will have the capacity to store approximately 350,000 acre-feet of water and is expected to generate an annual electricity output of 24 million kilowatt-hours, utilizing an installed power capacity of 10 megawatts (5 megawatts x 2).

The construction is targeted to be finalized before the monsoon season of 2025-26 fiscal year.

During the construction project, approximately 276,500 acre-feet of water have been diverted from Namt Eak Creek to fill the lower Zaw Gyi Dam and Myoe Gyi Dam since September 2020.

Upon the completion of the dam construction, it will be capable of supplying water to both the Zaw Gyi Dam and Myoe Gyi Dam. Moreover, annual electricity of approximately 85.30 million kilowatt-hours will be generated.

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