Myanmar achieves agreement with Russia for cooperation in election activities


NP News - Sep 14

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) on “cooperation in election activities” was signed by Myanmar and Russia, according to the news updated by THE STRAITS TIMES.

The Myanmar delegation led by the Chairman of the Union Election Commission Thein Soe visited Russia from September 6 to 12 and during this visit, the MoU was signed on September 7 at the Russian Central Election Commission in Moscow.

Both sides discussed ways to increase relations between the two countries, ways to properly use the media for voter education activities, ways to get technical assistance in the election and conduct it in an open and transparent manner, and ways to exchange experiences between the two countries' experts and professionals through the signing of an MoU.

As per reports, the Chairman of the Russian Election Commission has invited Myanmar to study the upcoming Russian presidential election in 2024.

The State Administration Council also announced the upcoming election will be free and fair through the multiparty and federal democratic system.

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