RCSS denies link with Yakuza leader in uranium deal


Hsu/ Munich (NP News) - March 2

The Chairman of the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) General Yawd Serk rejected suspecting him as being involved in the illegal uranium trade deal with the Japanese Yakuza leader, according to the information released by the Tai Freedom-Burmese Version.

However, the RCSS General Yawd Serk revealed that a foreigner once approached him expressing interest to purchase uranium after learning about its presence in Shan State. 

He explained that a foreigner approached him in recent years with a request to purchase uranium as the foreigner had heard it was produced in Shan State and expressed interest in acquiring it. The RCSS General clarified that as he was not aware of uranium production in the area and no understanding in the uranium element; thus, he just replied to the said foreigner requiring to learn about it.

General Yawd Serk absolutely denied involving in buying or selling of uranium.

The RCSS Chairman said these accusations are baseless and unfounded; similar to previous allegations made in cases of drug dealing.

It has been reported that federal prosecutors in New York have charged a Japanese Yakuza leader Takeshi Ebisawa with conspiring to traffic nuclear materials from an ethnic armed group from Myanmar to other countries.

American Federal prosecutors stated that Takeshi Ebisawa, the Japanese Yakuza leader, claimed that, in 2021, an anonymous leader from one of the ethnic armed groups in Myanmar contacted him regarding uranium dealings with the intention of purchasing weapons.

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