Honouring 79 th Myanmar Armed Forces Day Tatmadaw: Pivotal for Myanmar consolidation Conditionally lost territories must be regathered


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) - Mar 28

“My honour is my life.
Both grow in one.
Take honour from me.
And my life is done.”

It is a phrase from the book of William Shakespeare. But Myanmar soldiers love and defend the country bearing with such invaluable psychological attachment to the country.

The Myanmar Armed Forces Day has turned into the 79th Anniversary this year.

The Myanmar Tatmadaw, such the blood veins for the country, has been encountering a lot of turning points in the modern Myanmar history since it has been formed in the British colony era as the Burma Independence Army (BIA). The BIA started fight against the Fascist Japan on 27 March 1945. It saw a significant engagement as thousands of young men joined to resist the Fascist Japan. The fighting force was ranging between 15,000 and 20,000; majorities were Burmese ethnic men.

Myanmar holding the British colony’s divide and rule resulting the insurgencies of various ethnic groups even before the Independence. Myanmar gained the sovereignty in 1948. Civil insurgency started even in 1947. Myanmar Tatmadaw had to suppress those freak civil insurrections in two months after the country’s Independence was attained. The Tatmadaw battalions whose commanders were other ethnics like Kayin or Kachin betrayed the Myanmar Tatmadaw at that time and joined with rebels and fought back the State troops.

Therefore, the territories where the ethnic commanders took footholds were automatically changed into black areas that fighting back to the Myanmar Tatmadaw and the newly power holding Myanmar government. Only Yangon area remained the power of the legitimate government in 1949. However, the Myanmar Tatmadaw in successive era has been standing for the legitimate government and fought back the colourful rebels and made sure the power stability of the country.

The KNDO (Kayin rebels) torched Taungoo city and killed city dwellers when it retreated as the Myanmar Tatmadaw accelerated military operations against the rebels.

Then, in 1950s, Tatmadaw defended Myanmar from intrusion of Kuomintang.

Turning into 1988, when Tatmadaw was saving the country from falling into abyss, the communist rebels resumed military assaults in jungle areas of the country taking advantages of uprisings in towns and cities and the political unrest.

In every era, the Tatmadaw could handle very well to maintain and preserve the national sovereignty despite of various threats.

There is a saying among the Tatmadaw personnel society; “There is no such hill in Myanmar that the Tatmadaw cannot conquer.” I strongly believe that although current situation has been in bewildered status, those lands conditionally given up within the Myanmar territory must be reclaimed by the Myanmar Tatmadaw in one day in the future. Tatmadaw institution won’t let disintegration of any form.

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