Election : Myanmar Military announces possible phased General Election plan ; parties react positively


Hsu/ Munich (NP News) - April 3

Political parties are anticipating the upcoming General Election in 2025 following Senior General Min Aung Hlaing's public announcement to conduct the election section by section.

The Chairman of the State Administration Council (SAC), Senior General Min Aung Hlaing disclosed the plan to hold the general election section by section during his recent meeting with a news station from Russia.

During the meeting with the Russian media, the Senior General stated, "Our ultimate goal is to conduct a free and fair election. When the State of Emergency period concludes, we will proceed with the election and transfer state power to the National Defence and Security Council (NDSC). Subsequently, within six months under the leadership of the NDSC, we will conduct the election. Our primary focus will be on ensuring the accuracy of the voter list to prevent voting errors. Therefore, we aim to enhance the accuracy of the voter list this year to the best of our ability. In the event of a peaceful and stable state, we intend to conduct the election in relevant sections as extensively as possible, even if it cannot be held nationwide as per the law."

Reports suggest political parties are warming to the idea of a phased general election.

The Acting Chairman of the People’s Pioneer Party (PPP) U Myint Maung Tun, stated to The NP News, "We support this initiative as the current government is perceived internationally to have seized power illegitimately. A government lacks legitimacy unless it is democratically elected by the public. The general election is inevitable. Sooner implementation is preferable for us."

U Khaing Min, the Vice-Chairman of the New National Democracy Party (NNDP), stated to the NP News that the General Elections are the sole solution for today's political conflicts. The strategy of conducting the general election in segments is both practical and beneficial.

He further expressed, "As a political party, we embrace the general election. Moreover, the sooner the general election occurs, the more advantageous it is. Given that the general election is the sole resolution to these political challenges, its prompt execution is crucial. Whether conducted in parts or as a whole, the general election is a positive step. In my perspective, the phased approach to the general election is highly pragmatic. The general election is an essential requirement for the nation. The forthcoming General Election could be the key to resolving all these conflicts."

Myanmar's political parties are anticipating for a possible 2025 general election which will be held under the SAC.

The NNDP Vice-Chairman Khaing Min further commented, "Many of us are expecting the general election to take place around 2025, following the census scheduled for October 2024. It has been stated previously that the voters' list will be validated based on the data and statistics gathered from the census. Hence, it is likely that the general election will occur approximately in 2025."

The Acting Chairman of the PPP U Myint Maung Tun stated, "We are eager for the general election to occur at the earliest opportunity. We are hopeful that it could be feasible in November or December of this year, as all preparations have been made, with only the finalization of the voters' list pending. The voters' list has already been compiled; it simply requires adjustments based on the census data. This process should not take so long. Therefore, we anticipate the election to be held as early as this year. If not, it should be conducted within the first six months of 2025."

Under the SAC's administration, nearly 70 political parties have submitted their applications for Political Party Registration to the Union Election Committee, with 45 of them already approved.

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