AA’s military assaults destroy Ramree Township


Khit/ Thuta Kyaw (NP News) - June 25

According to the ground information inquired by The NP News, Ramree Township needs to be rebuilt since it was damaged by the clashes initiated by the AA insurgents and it will take time for remedy due to occurring clashes in Rakhine State.

The AA has completely conquered the Ramree Township on 11 March located in Kyaukphyu District where China-Myanmar natural gas pipeline begins.

Previously a peaceful and small town, Ramree, was damaged by clashes initiated by the AA insurgents and the town was collapsed almost 60 percent. Besides, Ramree residents require a lot of helps and assistance from the mainland and the Union Government despite of falling under the AA.

“Almost 60 percent of the town has been collapsed. The rehabilitation processes are underway for Ramree. At present, those who lost their homes are claiming help. The town was seriously damaged. It is one of the towns in Rakhine State which was cracked by clashes,” a resident who got a connection on the phone reported.

Regarding the situation in Ramree, it is also reported that houses have been burnt down and destroyed, and the residents are currently struggling with difficulties.

“There are many damages due to the consequences of occurring clashes in Rakhine State. For example, Pauktaw Township was also damaged. If Rakhine State is to be established again, time will be taken to get back to normal. Currently, the situation is unpredictable,” a resident who is stuck in the territory controlled by AA said.

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