Shan party demands election denouncing urban warfare and calls for negotiation


Hsu / Thuta Kyaw (NP News) - July 11

In an interview with NP News , veteran politician Sai Aik Pao, chairman of the Shan and Nationalities Democratic Party (White Tiger Party), stressed that the current urban warfare is not the solution.

In relation to the recent conflict situations, the White Tiger Party released a statement a few days ago, asserting that the current armed conflicts are leading the country and its people towards utter devastation. They emphasized the need for urgent dialogue, negotiation, and finding solutions to the long-standing military situation for domestic peace, federal democracy, and the political rights of ethnic groups.

"Urban warfare is not the solution," said Sai Aik Pao adding "To be clear, the TNLA has occupied my hometown Namkham, and my constituency Hsenwi. However, they haven't taken control of all places yet. For example, they haven't fully occupied Kyaukme. So, what they managed to occupy is Namtu, Mantong, Namhsan, and towards the other side, Kunlong, Konkyan, and Laukkai. It has never been this extensive. Mongmit is also heavily damaged."

"To resolve this crisis," he continued "we need a swift election and the elected government that embraces all ethnic groups and armed factions in peace talks."

"Armed conflict will not deliver victory for any side," Sai Aik Pao asserted. "True solutions can only be found through dialogue. We must engage in open discussions about the aspirations of ethnic groups and their vision for federalism. Armed insurrection is not the answer."

The SNDP statement highlights the concerning situation of Myanmar's impending disintegration and emphasizes the need for swift action to address the crisis.

"A swift election is the only path forward for the Union's survival,” Sai Aik Pao asserted.

The SNDP is scheduled to run at the union level in the upcoming election and has been granted by the Union Election Commission to continue as a lawful political party.

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