KIO tries forcing out departmental personnel from four districts in Kachin including Myitkyina


NP News - May 15
Non-attending peace talk group, Kachin Independence Organization (KIO/KIA), releases four provoked statements separately yesterday (May 14) in which the KIO forces officials and personnel serving at the governmental departments from Myitkyina, Danai, Shin Bway Yang and Hukaung districts to resign and leave.

Myitkyina is the capital of Kachin State. Danai, Shin Bway Yang and Hukaung territories are covered and protected under valley and hills.

In its statements, the KIO expresses that the public is fighting against the military council in multiple strategies for ending the military dictatorship since the military council grabbed the country’s authority on February 1, 2021 and the military council commits offenses, tortures and arrests against the civilians.

Departmental personnel are threatened to be ousted forcibly by the KIO.

The statements said, ‘Therefore, all personnel either officers or staff who are serving at every department and ministry respectively in all rural areas and territories located within Myitkyina District (Danai, Shin Bway Yang and Hukaung districts in separate statement sheets) shall resign and leave from their positions.’

The statements have intimidation tones as follow: if continue staying without resignation, the arisen consequences shall be the responsibility of the relevant person.

Information Team of the State Administration Council hasn’t provided any comment yet concerning the KIO’s statements.

According to the recent reports, the KIO is moving its headquarters to the Indian border territorially connected between Sagaing Region and Chin State.

Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing invited the EAOs’ leaders to conduct peace talk. The KIO denied attending it.

In the long history of civil war in Myanmar, ethnic armed forces mostly initiate their military operations in monsoon season taking covers within the valley regions.

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