Death penalty on parliamentarian-turned-terrorist to be proceeded


NP News - June 3
It has been reported that the capital punishment sentenced to four criminals who committed Hlaingtharyar homicide that was masterminded by Jimmy and Phyo Zayyar Thaw is approved to be proceeded.

This is the very first time of death penalty approbation to proceed in Myanmar within forty years.

Phyo Zayyar Thaw was a parliamentarian during in the previous government term led by National League for Democracy. He was once a rapper too.

Different reports have been spreading through the social media today that death sentences to four have been entered into force.

The NP News tried to confirm those reports. Major General Zaw Min Tun confirmed on June 3 afternoon, "The death penalty is approved to be proceeded."

Phyo Zayyar Thaw was charged under Section 49 of Counter Terrorism Law for estimately 200 different weapons, 6,000 different bullets, 40 different nuts and various mines and bombs were seized from him. The weapons were kept in different four places across the Yangon city.

Again, Phyo Zayyar Thaw sponsored the terrorists to commit terror attacks; and he was found acting as an accomplice in many crimes including - more than 80 times of exploding many state-owned buildings and government offices, estimately 60 times of exploding and destroying public sites, and exploding and blowing up the religious buildings twice, schools three-times, and many other places; so he was charged under Section 50 (i) of the Penal Code.

Under Section 50 (j) of the Penal Code, Phyo Zayyar Thaw sponsored the terrorists with financial support.

As per the abovementioned legal provisions, Phyo Zayyar Thaw was sentenced to capital punishment by hanging by the court.

Jimmy was charged under Section 49 (a), 50 (i), and 50 (j) of the Penal Code; and was sentenced to capital punishment by hanging.

The committed doers had filed an appeal for their cases.

"The death penalty to them has already been sentenced and notified in January. However, appeals were filed against the capital punishment as per the legal procedures and codes. The court rejected their appeals. Death penalty was suspended and transformed into life sentence (in our country) before," said Maj. Gen. Zaw Min Tun.

According to the approbation by the judicial pillar, death penalty has to be proceeded; and the implementation processes are being carried out in accord with the Burma Jail Manual. Health examinations on the respective person (criminals) have been started.

Two other criminals named - Hla Myo Aung and Aung Thura Zaw - involve in this time sentence of death by hanging for committing the murder by gang violence against a female teacher named Win Thandar Swe on March 15, 2021 in Hlaingtharyar Township, Yangon.

The grouped lawbreakers interrogated and tortured the female victim (Win Thandar Swe) alleged as 'Informer/Dalan (traitor)', and captived the victim in the house by locking from outside.

The lawbreakers were judged before the martial court for committing the aforementioned inhumanity and crimes under the Martial Law. They were sentenced death by Section 302 (1) (b)/34 on April 12, 2021.

Other outlaws related in this case were arrested and detained. They were sentenced for imprisonment for committing the severe-level offenses.

According to unconfirmable sources, it has been reported that the four lawbreakers will be finished under capital punishment on June 3 (today).

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