A man came back after escorting his son to school shot dead in Yangon


NP News - June 15
It is reported that a man who came back after he escorted his son to school was shot to kill; dead in South Dagon township, Yangon today (June 15).

A person who witnessed the crime scene recounted to the NP News that the father named ‘Bo Min Thu’ was shot dead at the corner of Kyaunglan street and Aungchanthar street in South Dagon Township at an estimated 8 am this morning.

Three men who were riding on a motorcycle shot the victim ‘Bo Min Thu’ when he returned after the son was sent to No.4, Basic Education High School of South Dagon.

The victim reportedly died on the way to Thingangyun Sanpya General Hospital from a headshot injury.

After the incident, relevant security forces conducted necessary investigations at the scene. Cause of the murder is still unclear and the authorities have not yet confirmed who committed it.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility too.


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