Preparations under way upgrading Waziya Cinema to state-of-the-art theatre


NP News - June 26
Department of Information and Public Relations has been carrying out renovating the ‘Waziya Cinema’ into a Red Carpet Theatre after the Union Minister’s visit to the historic building.

‘Waziya Cinema’ involves the ancient building lists located on Bogyoke Aung San Road, Yangon’s downtown. The building is 115’ x 140’ wide. Union Minister of the Ministry of Information Maung Maung Ohn visited the place on June 24.

The union minister said, “Unlike renovation of ordinary buildings, the process for this cinema should be compliance with SOP for historic building renovations. After ‘Waziya Cinema’ is upgraded, festivals of literature, film, music, or other ceremonies will be conducted there. Entertainments have to be held a high-class feature.”

Authorities plan the cinema to develop as a cultural venue where drama and concerts, puppet shows, dancing and music festivals, seminars, and meetings can be convened. But places to provide for training schools or studios will also be developed. International film festivals, memorial film festivals, and other art creations will also be convened in the upgraded state-of-the-art theatre.

The development upgrading project aims for the building to transform into an archeological heritage museum that either domestic or foreign visitors can visit.

Waziya Cinema was built in 1920 originally named ‘Excelsior’. The most ancient cinema in Myanmar was then renamed into ‘A-1 Cinema’ in 1942. The name ‘Waziya’ was changed in 1968.

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