Breaking News: Casualty high in explosions twice near Shwebo bus terminal


NP News – Mar 28

Two #blasts went off near the Shwebo bus terminal in Sagaing Region this morning at an estimated 10 am; in which one died, and at least 20 civilians were wounded in critical situations including two underage children.

The #explosions occurred today (March 28) on the bridge near and in the north of the Shwebo bus terminal.

One truck and eight motorbikes were hit in the blasts.

Two children (one 3-yrs old and one 12-yrs old), ten adult males, and eight adult females; altogether 20 were injured in the explosions, a reliable source from Shwebo Charity told NP News.

Wounded civilians have been sent to the Shwebo Hospital. Amongst, seven were in critical condition according to the earlier reports.

As per the latest information as of 1 pm, a sixty-year-old man died and five of them have been transferred to Mandalay Hospital.


Ye Htun

28/03/2023 13:21


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