Construction of Solar+Gas Engine Hybrid Power Plant in Magwe finished over 30%


Hsu / Saw (NP News) – May 25

According to the State Administration Council, construction of a power plant hybrid of solar and gas that is expected to generate 100-megawatt solar power is under process in Magwe.

The construction site was inspected by the team led by Union Minister for Electric Power, Thaung Han, on May 24.

The power plant, with machine installed capacity 122-megawatt solar and two 126-megawatt gas engines, is being constructed on 598 acres wide land located near Tha Byay Sann village in Magwe Township in Magwe Region.

Upon completion of the project, the electricity to be generated will be distributed to the National Grid through 132-KV Magwe main station.

31 percent of the whole project has currently been completed at the time being, and the Union Minister urged to finalize the project by February 2024.

In addition to the currently arriving nine generators, he said that he will strive for the timely arrival of four more upcoming generators and transformers.

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