Chin insurgents fire security outpost near Myanmar-China gas pipeline in Magway


NP News – Aug 22

It is reported that Chin Defence Force-Asho (CDF-Asho) launched an attack against a security outpost that takes position near the Myanmar-China gas pipeline in Ngape township, Magway Region on August 20.

The CDF-Asho claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack was made at an estimated 5:30 am, as per information.

The gas pipeline station that was attacked is located near Myaylat village on the bank of Minbu-Ann Road.

A reliable source close to the security forces told NP News that “There is a natural gas pipeline. An armed group with 20 forces attacked the Tatmadaw forces who were taking security duties there. However, the terrorists didn’t conquer the outpost since the security forces at the outpost defended and the terrorists withdrew. However, a warrant officer and a private soldier lost their lives in the incident.”

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