Foreign demands for Myanmar onion increase domestic price


NP News – Aug 25

As increasing demands from China and India for onions produced by Myanmar, lesser trucks carrying onions are entering Yangon lately. Those foreign demands are ordering directly to towns and cities rather than through Yangon.

According to the information from Bayintnaung wholesales center located in Yangon, the domestic onion price is increasing up to 1000 MMK per viss within a week. Therefore, onion produced from Seikphyu and Monywa from 2600 MMK per viss to 3500 MMK per viss within a week.

As per information, only 16 trucks carrying onions enter Yangon this week. In fact, it’s approximately 35 onion trucks entered Yangon normally.

Not only China, but also Thai, Vietnam and Bangladesh are purchasing onions from Myanmar.

According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce, more than 1.7 lakh of acres of onions are cultivated in Myanmar annually producing more than 1 million tons of onions every year.

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