Muse Immigration issues temporary passports to visit Ruili


NP News – Sep 5

Myanmar border immigration office in Muse resumes issuance of temporary border pass books which allow seven days visit in China.

It is the one-time use passport for Myanmar nationals. The TBP (temporary border passes) are issued starting on September 4 at three border checkpoints in Muse Town including Nantaw, Mang Wein, and Sinphyu border gates.

As per information, races and native places of the applicants aren’t matter in issuing the passes but the applicants must have the original national registration cards.

An officer from a charity organization in Muse Town told NP News that “All applicants have chance to get the passes since it isn’t depend on race or which state/region the applicants come from. However, they must have an original national registration card. It costs only 1000 MMK – 500 MMK for the book and 500 MMK for crossing charge. It allows visiting to Ruili for six nights seven days. The pass is only one-time use.”

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