Bamar-Vietnam Trade Fair 2023 successfully held in Yangon


Hsu/ Pearl (NP News) – Nov 7

The ‘Bamar-Vietnam Trade Fair 2023’ that was managed and held by a collaborative effort between Bamar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association and the Vietnam Trade Office in Myanmar was held in Yangon from November 1 to 3.

The Trade Fair aimed to create opportunities for ‘Made in Myanmar’ products to enter foreign markets and enhance the value of local products, enabling them to access the global market.

Vietnamese businessmen showcased a range of products, including food and beverages, home appliances, electrical devices, equipment and materials for construction, agriculture, manufacturing, POS solutions, lubricants, engine oil, and clothing at the event. Meanwhile, Myanmar businessmen exhibited export-quality household and food products at the event.

Bilateral business discussions were conducted to facilitate the introduction of Vietnamese products and create opportunities for Made in Myanmar products to access the foreign markets.

The fair marks the association's third event of its kind. Those fairs are anticipated to boost trade, attract more investments, and create new employment opportunities.

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