Illegally residing Chinese citizens repatriated through China-Myanmar border checkpoint


Hsu / Kyaw (NP News) - Nov 21

According to the information team of the State Administration Council, a total of 573 Chinese citizens who were residing illegally in Myanmar have been systematically repatriated to Chinese authorities.

To foster a positive relationship between Myanmar and China, the repatriation event took place at China-Myanmar border checkpoint located at Border Post 218 on November 19th.

The Deputy Director and other responsible personnel from Myanmar facilitated the transfer of these Chinese citizens back to the responsible personnel from Xishuangbanna prefecture in Yunnan Province, China.

It is reported that these 573 Chinese citizens illegally migrated into the Triangle Regional Military Command of eastern Shan State.

Reportedly, 367 males and 16 females from Kengtung Township, 129 males and 9 females from Tachileik Township, 23 males from Monghpyak Township, 10 males from Mong Hsat Township, 9 males from Mong Yawng Township, and 10 males from Mong Ping Township, making a total of 573 individuals, were detained.

According to information from the State Administration Council (SAC), as of November 19th, a total of 1,017 Chinese citizens residing illegally in border areas—comprising 935 males and 82 females—have been scrutinized and detained.

The responsible personnel carried out the required investigative procedures, and these undocumented migrants have already been repatriated to the relevant authorities in China.

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