Myanmar in spotlight during high-level US-China discussions


NP News - Jan 29

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Bangkok on 26th January.

In their meetings, which spanned more than 12 hours over two days, Myanmar emerged as one of the key points of discussion between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan, according to statements from both sides.

Myanmar has received attention alongside sensitive issues like Middle East, Ukraine, the Korean Peninsula, and South China Sea, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The inclusion of Myanmar in these high-level talks between world powers reflects the gravity of the complex situation in the country.

It's worth mentioning that the meeting concluded with an agreement to increase high-level diplomacy between the US and China and a commitment to continue discussion with a phone call between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This development could pave the way for additional discussions on Myanmar and other significant regional and global issues.

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