Villages in Pa-O Self-Administered Zone armed to perform special security task together with Tatmadaw


Hsu/ Munich (NP News) – Jan 30

The report stated that the government, in collaboration with the Pa-O National Organization (PNO), is coordinating efforts to establish the people militias within the Pa-O region. The special security force for the region has been formed to ensure the safety and security of the Pa'O people and other civilians residing in the Special Zone 6 of Pa'O Self-Administered Zone.

One of the senior leaders of the PNO told NP News, "Following the intrusion of the PNLA and the PDF-affiliated groups into Hsi Hseng Township, numerous civilians' lives and properties were devastated. Everyone, including Buddhist monks, was compelled to evacuate due to the armed conflicts, facing numerous hardships. In response, these civilians collectively decided it as a national duty to safeguard their villages and region, hence they decided to accept arms support."

They equipped arms in locations identified as potentially exposed to armed conflict or terroristic activity.

"We will primarily focus on ensuring the security of our people. Despite being termed a special security force, our intention is not to launch attacks or initiate hostilities. Our main objective is to prevent terrorists from infiltrating our villages, it means if they refrain from engaging with us, we will respond by avoiding any confrontation. We will not intrude or initiate an assault unless our territory is invaded," added the senior officer from PNO.

The Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA/PNLO) and PDF-affiliated groups launched a raid on Hsi Hseng Township within the Pa'O Self-Administered Zone in southern Shan State, commencing on January 24th, and initiated a military operation.

Hence, the PNO released the public announcement that the government and the PNO will collaborate to swiftly counter the intrusion of the PNLA/PNLO and PDF-affiliated groups into Hsi Hseng Township.

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