Human traffickers exploit recently enforced military law to seek victims


NP News - Feb 26

As public concerns escalated over the recently enforced People’s Military Service Law following many subversive so-called news media sparked flaming and fabricated disinformation that the Tatmadaw is recruiting porters, the situations somehow drove the Myanmar youths to be trafficked, experts reported.

Most people in Myanmar are addicted to the pro-terrorism and West puppet news media and therefore, they rarely read the true news publications.

Many see the People’s Military Service Law as a threat and try to depart for the country to avoid serving the military service, which in turn, leads them to go abroad illegally via borderlines with the assistance of human traffickers without acknowledging that they are the potential slaves.

Some are considering joining the PDF terrorists as they were persuaded that youths will be sent to the front line of ongoing conflicts as immediately as they are summoned to serve the military service. When they join the PDF terrorists, they can be regarded as politically human trafficked persons.

Another backfire of the law exists in applying the passports. As many people were long queueing at the passport office, the avaricious brokers also demanded large amounts of money and deceived them the passports would be immediately issued if money was paid.

At present, authorities are sending SMS (Short Message Service) to the citizens and telecom users explaining that no women will be summoned in the early batches of recruiting to serve the military service.

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