National Defence College opens doors to senior civilian officers


Hsu/ Pearl (NP News)- Feb 29

The National Defence College of Myanmar, previously only allowed to attend the senior military officers, now will choose the senior civilian officers to participate in the same course.

The National Defence College (NDC) was established in 1955 as a higher educational institution exclusively for senior-ranking members of the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw).

An officer from the Myanmar Military informed The Statesman that the Command and General Staff College exists in Kalaw Township and the National Defence Collage (NDC) exists in Naypyidaw. Usually, the Commanding Officer status can attend the training in Kalaw. Those individuals with high-ranking scores are appointed to the G1 position, denoting General Staff Officer Grade 1. Some may also serve as Staff Officers (Grade-I) or be assigned to regional or regimental duties. Upon holding the G1 position for an extended period, they may be promoted to the role of Officiating Tactical Operation Commander, responsible for frontline strategic matters. Subsequently, successful handling of frontline strategies leads to promotion to the rank of Colonel. After achieving the rank of Colonel, attendance at the NDC is mandatory, although some Colonels may not have the opportunity to attend. It is noted that the NDC also welcomes police officers, fire brigade officers, and now, it appears that general administrative officers are also participating in the program.

The Chairman of the State Administration Council stated that while previously only senior military officers were chosen to attend the NDC, now senior civilian officers are also selected for the same course.

During a video conference meeting with senior officer instructors and trainees at the National Defence College, SAC Chairman Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addressed this matter.

He further emphasized the need for departmental heads to possess a comprehensive understanding of political, economic, administrative, and defense issues.

The SAC Government activated the Public Military Service Law on February 10 and established the Central Body for summoning military personnel.

On February 13, the SAC government also activated the Reserve Forces Law and implemented arrangements for retired military personnel and veterans to rejoin military service.

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