Disinformation alert: Propagandists fabricate Myanmar is recruiting Bengali aliens for conscription


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) – March 3

Bangladeshi and Islamic nations’ news agencies increasingly fabricated news these days that Myanmar Tatmadaw is recruiting what they called Rohingya (hereinafter I will refer as Bengali aliens) from camps in Rakhine State for military service.

The People’s Military Service Law, since it has been set date of enforcement, has been being exploited by the anti-entities such as anti-government, destructive forces, exiled groups, West-bloc propagandists, and others including human traffickers.

As a matter of fact, the People’s Military Service Law is only effective for Myanmar citizens and it is nothing to do with the non-citizen aliens. The Bengalis who originated in Bangladesh and the by-products of population explosive of Bangladesh came to Myanmar by trespassing the borderline. Frankly speaking, those aliens still exist as a problem, not an asset for Myanmar.

Bengalis, wear the same outfits with Bangladesh having same religion and belief, have never been regarded as the citizens of Myanmar unless they can prove the necessary documents. The undocumented Bengali aliens just need to stay within the restricted area, which is the camp. Accusing Myanmar authorities of forcing the Bengali aliens to serve the military is mere a funny report.

On the other hand, the enactment of the People’s Military Service Law is for the national security and as a bridge between the Myanmar military and the people. The law is intended to strengthen the tie between Tatmadaw and the people, creating a proper condition for the defence-building.

The essence of the law addresses all citizens are responsible to safeguard the Three Main National Objectives for ensuring the State stability.

Then, the simple concept is why Myanmar needs to demand such non-citizen aliens to serve the military as defending the nation?

The pro-Bengali lobbyists deliberately claim the aliens are intended to be used as the human shield in the ongoing conflicts but they cannot prove any sound evidence of it. A lobbyist even demanded the intervention of ASEAN or other international community.

What is more, the Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion Director General provokes saying that Myanmar has long been trying to wage a war against Banglad­esh by employing various tactics.

The truth is Bangladesh is always instigating Myanmar pushing their undocumented individuals intruding Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Bangladesh provides shelters for rebels and terrorists, who are fighting against the Myanmar ruling government, on their lands. The so-called refugees (Bengali aliens) trade drugs with those armed forces which actually headache for Myanmar since Bengali aliens are the by-products of population explosion of Bangladesh.

Drug control is a big challenge for Myanmar in the borderline with Bangladesh.
Last but not least, in recent Kyauk­taw massacre, not only the Rakhine insurgents AA but also Bengali aliens involved in brutally slaughtering the family of Myanmar Tatmadaw and police who retreated from the front lines in the Kaladan River.

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