(In) Justice for Myanmar couldn’t stop disparaging intentions to Myanmar


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) - Mar 21

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) appointed Myanmar as the bloc’s new coordinator of Russia-ASEAN relations last week. The position will run from 2024 to 2027.

Regarding the said matter, Injustice for Myanmar cannot conceal its envy of Myanmar and thus, shows provocation to the ASEAN.

It’s not new and it is the nature of the Injustice for Myanmar (IFM) accusing the Myanmar government and other entities that coordinate with the Myanmar government of flouting international law and threatening international peace and security on groundless information in consecutive administrations.
However, many ambiguous questions have been raised with regard to the IFM, especially regarding its funding, founding and registration as an organization.

The IFM, since a decade ago, has been profiting from cyber scams and blackmailing the business giants operating in Myanmar; and no audit, no financial source of it is revealed. As per reports, the IFM digs the business profiles of those who will invest in Myanmar in the potential projects for Myanmar’s development sector.

Whenever it got a smell of potential investment for Myanmar with a big capital amount, the IFM emails the potential investors forcing and intimidating them to stop the will to invest by saying that the IFM is monitoring and watching the actions of the potential investors. In addition, the reports also stated that the IFM even demands extortions from the business tycoons, especially the Myanmar nationals by blackmailing. When they cannot stop the investments, the IFM announces the business groups blacklisted as coordinating with the Myanmar government what they call the Myanmar junta.

Hence, it can be said that the Injustice for Myanmar is a mere entity demanding extortions like a bandit.

Such the abovementioned mechan­i­­sms are operated together with its allied outlaw media outlets involving Irrawaddy, Myanmar Now and Khit Thit by spreading disinformation, defaming, and fake information. By this means, the IFM and its affiliated news outlets are operating like a media mafia for screwing the government and local business tycoons as part of manipulating Myanmar’s socio-politics in accordance with their hidden agenda.

The IFM never reveals which country they are registered in as an organization. Although reports as we can reach indicated that the IFM is reportedly led by the British legal attaché Vicky Bowman who served as the ambassador to Myanmar from 2002 to 2006, the founder of the IFM is officially unknown.

Such an organization that cannot disclose its founder and funding sources has been continuously assaulting the governm­ent system of Myanmar, as well as attacking the powerful institution of Myanmar (Tatmadaw) to collapse.

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