MFF collaborate with schools to generate new pure blood


Thiri Khit Oo (NP News) - Mar 30

According to U Zaw Zaw, the Chairman of Myanmar Football Federation (MFF), MFF will collaborate with schools to generate new football generations.

He informed as above mentioned in the speech delivered at the MFF Elective Congress 2024 held at Novotal Hotel in Yangon on 30 March.

The ambitions of “Football for schools” program to generate youths with the spirit of unity, understanding and cooperation, far away from alcohol, smoking and drugs since football is originally from laws of games, in addition to produce new generations.

“The main purpose and meaning of “Football for schools” is deeper than to produce new blood. We all play with unity, understanding and cooperation in football game. Therefore, this can provide that kind of spirit and habits for benefits. Then, the football can attract the youths to stay away from alcohol, smoking and drugs since football is the laws of the games. Therefore, they will have the spirit to play and stay lawfully. I would like to say, football can provide lots of benefits on socio-lives from any angles such as good health and communication,” U Zaw Zaw said.

In addition, MFF is providing summer football course not only for children also for adults in Yangon and Mandalay. Hundreds of volunteers reportedly join summer football course during the summer holidays for schools across Myanmar.

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