Steel Mill No. 2 (Pang Pet) to source power from dual stations to address energy shortages


Hsu (NP News) - April 12

Once the Steel Mill No. 2 (Pang Pet) commences its operations, electric power will be reportedly sourced from two separate power stations to mitigate power shortages.

On 4 April, Union Minister for Electric Power U Nyan Tun addressed this issue during a coordination meeting at the Ministry of Industry, focusing on ensuring a reliable power supply for the successful implementation of iron and steel projects.

The Union Minister mentioned that if Steel Mill No. 2 (Pang Pet) begins operations, electric power will be supplied from two sources under the ministry's arrangement.

By distributing electricity from two sources, the downtime due to power outages can be minimized, making it more convenient to utilize electricity from the mill.
A representative from the Electric Power Department explained to the Statesman Journal, "For instance, consider a scenario where a house is supplied electricity by one cable from one power station, and then another cable from a different power station. In the event of a blackout from one station, the house would seamlessly switch to being powered by the alternate source. This setup significantly reduces blackout durations since a backup power distribution system is already in place. In our case, the factory can access electricity from both the Kyauk Kyee Khwal and Nant Sann stations, enabling uninterrupted operation. Therefore, the factory relies on electricity supplied by two distinct power stations, ensuring continuity in case one station experiences issues."
Furthermore, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation has granted permission for the extraction of necessary ore, limestone, and dolomite for Steel Mill No. 2 (Pang Pet).

Steel Mill No. 2 (Pang Pet) is a collaborative project between Myanmar and Russia, marking the first iron and steel initiative in the country. The implementation of this project began in September 2006.

The factory is being constructed in the Pang Pet region of Taunggyi Township, Southern Shan State.

The factory is composed of a total of 22 workshops, with 19 of them now operational and promoting steel production. The factory's main product is raw iron, and it is estimated that approximately 200,000 tons of iron will be produced annually.

As per the Ministry of Industry, the domestic demand for steel stands at approximately 2.5 million tons annually, while the country's current annual steel production capacity is only 0.5 million tons. Consequently, over 80% of the required steel needs to be imported from foreign countries.

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