Potential clash arises between Rakhine and Chin insurgents


NP News - June 19

The Chinland Council issued a statement on 10 June that calls the Arakan Army (AA) to withdraw its military movements and stop human rights violations in Chin State. The Chinland Council is a political and military body that is closes to the exiled National Unity Government (NUG).

Reports also state that there are potentialities for arising armed conflicts between the AA and Chin Nationality Army (CNA) within Chin State.

The Chinland Council held a virtual meeting with the exiled NUG on 17 May and discussed bilateral collaboration between them and established 4 forward plans to formulate cooperation. The Chinland Council claimed itself as the Chin State Government.

The Chinland Council highlighted that the AA/ ULA (Arakan Army/ United League of Arakan) forcibly recruits Chin civilians to serve the AA military operation; the AA is unilaterally formulating the administrative mechanisms neglecting the mutual respect among the ethnicities. What is more, the Chinland Council also claimed that the AA is violating freedom to education and religions, and basic human rights.

The Chinland Council also stated that those terroristic acts done by the AA contaminated the friendly relationship and mutual respect among different ethnicities. Worse of all, those terroristic acts by the AA also impacted and delayed the revolution process formulated by all ethnic groups including Myanmar.

The Chinland Council asserted that the sovereignty of the Chin State is vested within the Chin public and therefore, the council demands the AA to retreat the military operations and actions that are currently being formulated within the Chin State in order to prohibit the occurrence of racial conflicts, military conflicts, and clashes.

A Chin State resident said, “Current problems are instigated by the AA. It covers many areas in Chin State now. The AA also has reached in Matupi and also in Mindat. We think that the AA and the CNA are soon to fight each other. Now the Chinland Council issues a statement with regard to the AA. It means violations really happen in the ground situation.

Reports also stated that approximately 100 AA individuals were killed in the Kyindwe Battle.

“The CNA and its brigades are taking bases in Matupi; the Brigades 1 and 2. In fact, the former group, Brigade 1 brought the AA to Chin State claiming that they are the brotherhood alliances. Brigade 1 has Falam CDF (Chin Defence Force), Kanpalat CDF, Mindat (Chinland Council), and Matupi CDF. Those groups see the AA as their godfather. The CNDF (Chin National Defence Force) is involved in the Brigade 2. Now, those armed groups are preparing to fight each other and the result will be the destruction of the city. Matupi is the southern Capital of the Chin State. The city is very strategic,” the abovem­entioned resident said.

The Global Khumi Organization – GKO also issued a statement last week that the AA is abducting Chin women and raping them. AA has been committing many crimes such as rape, child molestation, forced conscription, and drug smuggling.

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