Myanmar launches direct flight to Novosibirsk


Khit (NP News) – Sep 6

Myanmar resumes direct flight to Novosibirsk, Russia after 3 decades bringing promotion of bilateral ties between two countries, according to the Deputy Union Minister, Aung Kyaw Tun for Transport and Communications.

The Deputy Union Minister made a speech at the Inaugural Flight Ceremony for via route of Yangon-Mandalay-Novosibirsk by Myanmar Airways International (MAI) held today (5th September).

The Union Minister for Hotel and Tourism Dr. Thet Thet Khaing, Commander of the Yangon Command Major General Zaw Hein, the Deputy Union Minister Aung Kyaw Tun for Transport and Communications with relevant officials from relevant departments and relevant officials from Russian Federation Embassy including the officials from MAI attended the event.

In order to promote long-term friendship relations between the Russian Federation and Myanmar, there is a special essential for the departments of the two governments, the hotel and tourism departments of the two countries, and the travel & tour companies of the two countries to promote the tourism of the two countries by using their country's existing traditional heritage, natural forest scenery, coastal beauty, and modern technologies.

To ensure the commodity flow between the two countries without focusing on profit, this new trip was started with the aim of serving as a basic bridge for the people of the two countries to travel and communicate with each other in business, trade, hotel and tourism, technical, health and service activities.

MAI will run twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Tourists will continue to visit other Russian countries, including the capital Moscow, using S7 flight from the city of Novosibirsk. Tourists from the Russian will also be able to enjoy this trip to connect not only to Myanmar, but also to other ASEAN countries operated by MAI, according to the speech made by MAI’s official.

Regarding to the banking and payment for Yangon-Mandalay-Novosibirsk trip, the Director of the Cooperate Fair for MAI, Tin Maung Than said, “There’s nothing special on that. The tickets for this trip can be purchased by kyats or dollar in Myanmar. We also trying for direct payment by Russian Ruble by opening bank accounts in Russia connecting with some agencies.”

“It’s really good. During making efforts for development of Hotel and Tourism Sector, the emergence of this direct flight from Myanmar to Russia is really great. I’m so glad for this. I heard that there were histories of direct flights between Myanmar and Russia till 1992. So, we resumed this sector now (2023) after 3 decades,” the Union Minister Dr. Thet Thet Khaing said.

The MoU was signed by Myanmar and Russia for tourism sector at the Economic Cooperation Committee. The emergence of direct flight for Myanmar-Russia also includes to implement as a last activity, according to the Union Minister for Hotel and Tourism.

After the event, the MAI started to fly from Yangon to Mandalay and will continue to Novosibirsk today (5th September).

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