Myanmar to promote development in vocational and technology sectors in cooperation with ASEAN and China


NP News - Sep 17

Myanmar is willing to carry out joint venture projects for the development of vocational and technology sectors in cooperation with the ASEAN including China.

The Deputy Minister for Ministry of Science and Technology, Aung Zeya made a speech at the 2023 China-ASEAN Vocational Education Cooperation held at Guangxi Polytechnics of Construction on September 15.

To implement the State’s roadmap successfully, the vocational sector is being conducted in priority in Myanmar, according to the Deputy Minister.

Therefore, the Deputy Minister Aung Zeya informed that China-Myanmar and other ASEAN countries should promote joint ventures for the development of technology and vocational education sectors.

Similarly, for the development of the socio-economic life of the entire population, MSMEs are working to improve the production activities from agriculture and livestock by using modern technologies.

In order to be able to improve this sector, the Deputy Minister continued to open schools relating to the subjects of industry, agriculture, livestock starting from this year (2023).

Similarly, he added that the friendship relations between China and Myanmar including other ASEAN countries should be further strengthened.

Currently, the Ministry of Technology, Vocational Education and Training Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology is acting as the main focal point for Myanmar's technology, vocational education and training sector.

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