Myanmar fails to supply exporting coffee seeds despite of high foreign demands


NP News- Sep 18

According to information from the Myanmar Coffee Association, although prices of the coffee seed produced by Myanmar is increasing and despite of high demands by foreign, the country cannot export enough coffee seeds due to lesser stock in the market.

Secretary of the association, Min Hlaing, said that 75 percent if raw coffeee seeds that were produced in 2022-23 seasonal time were exported in 2023.

He continued that "Myanmar's coffee is getting share in exporting sector since other countries produce value-added finished coffee products by using the raw coffee from Myanmar. Therefore, it is still selling the primary products by us. We still need to produce good-quality coffee to make boosting Myanmar's coffee market. There is an offer from Russia to buy coffee at the time being."

Myanmar annually produces coffee ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 tons. The price for coffee per ton is also ranging from USD 5,500 to 8,300 depending on the quality of the coffee seeds, as per information.

Coffee is mostly planted in Pyin-Oo-Lwin and Shan State in Myanmar. There are over 50,000 acres of coffee cultivation countrywide, according to the statistics released by the Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization.

Coffee seeds are harvested during December and March; then, it can be sold starting from late April to a year round. High standard coffee seeds from Myanmar are usually purchased by American and European countries.

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