80% construction of Thahtay Chaung Hydropower plant implemented


NP News – Nov 6

It is reported that the hydropower plant construction on Thahtay Chaung river in Thandwe township, Rakhine State has been implemented 80 percent.

The construction project has been implemented by the Department of Hydropower Plant Implementation (DHPI) under the Ministry of Electric Power (MOEP).

At present, a total of 80% of the construction project has been reportedly implemented and the whole project is expected to complete in 2025-26 financial year.

“After completion of the entire hydropower plant, 386 kilowatts of electricity from the power plant will be connected to the power system and will be able to improve the distribution of electricity to potentially 1 million people in the country,” the Director of the DHPI, Mya Thura said.

As per report, the Thahtay Chaung Hydroelectric Project will be operated by three generators of 37 megawatts, with a total installed capacity of 111 megawatts.

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