IDP number at refugee camp near Myanmar-China Border Post 125 increasing


Khit / Munich (NP News) - Nov 8

Numbers of internal displace persons (IDPs) at the refugee camp that is opened near Border Post 125 between Myanmar and China have been soaring up to thousands in number due to the armed conflicts happening in Shan State.

According to the data released by authorities of Kokang Self-Administered Zone, refugees fled from war have recorded 13,400 as of 6th November.

Currently, people who have been displaced from the clashes are constantly increasing at the camp, and are struggling in accommodation, food, and medical aids including drinking water, the administration said.

“It is the refugee camp that is opened at Myanmar-China border post 125. If there were clashes in Laukkai, China opened gate at that border post. There are also refugee camps in China side. They also feed the refugees. Some form Laukkai also moved to 125,” one of the Laukkai residents told NP News.

Three alliance insurgent groups led by MNDAA has initiated the ‘operation 1027’ since October 27 and raided with massive number of troops against the security outposts in Chinshwehaw, Theinni, Mongkoe, Hpawnghseng, Kyukoke, Namhkam, Lashio and Laukkai.

Along with the clashes, transportation channels were lockdown and the commodity flow has ceased. Therefore, commodity prices have been skyrocketing.

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