Kawlin in Sagaing Region fallen under PDF terrorists


Hsu/ Munich (NP News) – Nov 8

PDF terrorists and their affiliated insurgents including KIA and AA claimed that they had seized control of Kawlin Township in Sagaing Region on November 6.

Kawlin is a district-level administrative township, and it has now become the first region to fall under the control of PDF terrorists.

PDF terrorists and the affiliated insurgents have claimed to have taken control of Kawlin by engaging in combat against Myanmar Military forces stationed at the Kawlin police station, general administrative office, Department of Land Record, and Myanma Economic Bank. They also declared the seizure of ammunition stocks.

Amidst the raid, intense armed confrontations between the two sides reportedly resulted in civilian casualties.

As a result, a significant number of internally displaced people have arisen due to the armed conflicts in the region.

According to Kawlin Revolution-KR, on November 7th, the Kawlin township appeared empty and desolate.


Paing Thu Tun

09/11/2023 00:02


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