Yangon-Mandalay railway sabotaged again; more 7 grenades found near explosion


Khit / Saw (NP News) – Nov 16

Yangon-Mandalay railway was exploded again by the land mine on November 14 at an estimated 7 am at 85/1-2 mile stone between Daik-U station and Pyuntasa station. Seven more handmade bombs that were made up with plastic buckets were found near the scene, according to the Myanma Railway.

The Myanma Railway stated that about 3 feet of steel sleeper at the edge of the road was damaged due to the destruction of the railroad by the terrorists.

The report furthers said that three bombs covered by plastic bucket and four others were found between the two rail ways and under the bridge respectively.

Tatmadaw counter-terrorism forces deactivated those seven bombs.

The damaged part of the railroad was repaired by the Myanma Railway and now, the route has been able to travel as usual.

It has been 174 times that the terrorists sabotaged railroad and stations since 1st February 2021.

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