Armed conflicts still tense in Loikaw; district court burnt down


Khit/ Munich (NP News) – Nov 18

According to the information from Loikaw resident, clashes between Tatmadaw and joint forces of KNPP and PDF terrorists were intense near Loikaw Prison and District Court on 17th November morning.

The terrorists attacked the security troops that were guarding near Loikaw District Court; then, set ablaze the court, a resident reported.

“The Loikaw Prison and District Court aren’t much far. There were fire exchanges near the surrounding areas. The court was burnt down at around 10 am,” the resident said.

Most Loikaw residents have left the city and departed for cities in southern Shan State due to the clashes.

“Two third of Loikaw residents have already left. Those who remained in the city will also be leaving soon. Some of the fled persons are stuck in their way to the IDP camps in Shan State since most camps in Shan State are full and no more refugees are accepted there,” the source added.

On 14th November, the joint forces of KNPP, PDF terrorists raided and attacked Loikaw University arresting the lecturers and reportedly killed the rector.

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