Couple abducted and shot down in front of their 8-year-old daughter by PDF terrorists


Hsu/ Kyaw (NP News) – Dec 7

On December 5th, PDF terrorists carried out the extrajudicial assassination of a couple in Zalatkone village, Myingyan Township, Mandalay Region. The PDF accused them of being "Dalan," meaning "Informers." The victims were reportedly abducted from their home and fatally shot beside the road.

On December 5th, the PDF terrorists arrived at the residence and forcibly abducted Than Zaw, 47, and his wife, Nyo Nyo San, 50. Subsequently, these terrorists fatally shot them on the road in front of the victims' house.

A source close to the security force stated, "They were accused of being 'Dalan' and were shot down. They left behind an eight-year-old daughter. The victims were abducted and killed right in front of their daughter."

It has also been reported that two motorcycles, as well as money and gold, were taken from the victims' house.

As a result of the shooting, Than Zaw died due to a gunshot wound in his head, while a bullet penetrated his throat. Nyo Nyo San was fatally shot in her neck and died at the scene. The bodies have reportedly been transported to the hospital.

It is reported that the necessary investigations were conducted to be able to take action on these criminals and terrorists.

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