Kawthoung District Court issues warrant for a business tycoon


Khit/ Munich (NP News) – Feb 8

The owner of Thahtay Kyun Island resort in Kawthoung, Taninthayi Region, U Kyaw Lwin, has been issued warrant to arrest by the Kawthoung District Court in recent days as he is suspected to committing online gambling.

The State Administration Council (SAC) claimed that U Kyaw Lwin is suspected involving in the online gambling, money laundering from illegal gambling and was suspected on converting and concealing the money and materials obtained from such unlawful gambling.

Therefore, the Kawthoung District Court issued the warrant on 7 February to take actions against U Kyaw Lwin, the SAC said.

“He is assumed to hold Thailand citizenship. There are also casinos at his island and mostly Thai nationals come to play. Some come from Ranong and are picked up by boat. The online gambling is different from casinos. I haven’t heard about that he is involved in the online scams. Now, the arrest warrant was issued for him,” a source closed to the Taninthayi Region Government told NP News.

According to the reports, U Kyaw Lwin, an owner of Thahtay Kyun island and Grand Andaman hotel on that island, is also running the casinos as business. He also runs the businesses in fuel sector.

Similarly, authorities from Thailand also issued warrant for 18 including U Kyaw Lwin (aka) Mr. Fu in Thai name and the properties of committed persons were also seized.

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