MNDAA forces visitors to register for residing permit cards in Laukkai


Khit/ Munich (NP News) - March 2

The Kokang insurgents known as the MNDAA tightens control in Laukkai which raises concerns among its residents for forced military recruitment to serve for the MNDAA and visitors to Laukkai from other towns and cities are forced to register for residing cards.

The MNDAA takes full control over Laukkai and has implemented stricter security measures, including mandatory residence registration cards for all visitors, mainly targeting the Bamar ethnic (the majority ethnic in Myanmar).

The three northern insurgent groups, the MNDAA (Kokang), TNLA (Ta’ang), and AA (Rakhine), launched a military operation named "Operation 1027" in northern Shan State on October 27. The MNDAA currently controls Laukkai Township, where they are strengthening security and establishing administrative functions.

A resident of Laukkai informed The Statesman Journal that the MNDAA members, dressed in full uniform and armed, are widespread in the area. They are stationed at the market entrances to prevent vehicle access and are gathering household information to forcibly recruit troops, inquiring about number of sons and daughters in each household.

In addition, the MNDAA allows visitors, including those of Chinese and Burmese nationality, to enter Laukkai. However, all visitors are required to register for residence registration cards and undergo special security scrutiny procedures.

“Individuals with connections to the MNDAA are reportedly exempt from the residence registration card requirement, while Burmese and Chinese nationals must register. The residence registration cards are being distributed at Chinshwehaw, serving as the entry permit for Laukkai. These cards are issued for free of charge,” the Laukkai resident continued.

According to reports, the MNDAA has closed down all businesses owned by the Bal family, Wai family, Myi family, and Luo family.

Following the formation of the State Administration Council government, the three northern insurgent groups (MNDAA, TNLA, and AA) launched military operations and have raided several townships in Rakhine and northern Shan State. Political observers have expressed concerns about the long-term sustainability of these armed group-controlled terri­tories.

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