Attention : Myanmar’s scared red pandas urgently need protection


Thiri Khit Oo (NP News) - Mar 21

Myanmar’s rare red pandas, lovely animals with white shades in face, ear and zebra shades at tail are the endangered species; mostly live in the bamboo forest in northernmost part of Myanmar’s Kachin State and along the border of China and India.

With favourable weather, the northernmost part of the country has tall winter trees, pine forests, mountain trees and bamboos for red pandas to live in. They can eat about four pounds of fish per day. Sometimes, they eat small mammals, hummingbirds and insects. In addition, bamboos are significant part of their diet along with fruits and insects which are also an important part of their ecosystem.

Red pandas are often referred to as the “lesser panda” or “firefox” since they are similar for fox in orange colour. They have vibrant red fur providing perfect camouflage among the trees and helping to their allure. Due to having semi-retractable claws and long, red pandas can easily climb the treetops. Their bushy tails help them balancing. Therefore, they can effortlessly traverse trees to trees.

Sadly though, those rare red pandas are hunted and sold through illegal channels mostly to China, according to the wildlife monitoring groups. Therefore, the number of red pandas in Myanmar is decreasing and also facing the tendency to extinction.

Enthusiastic Chinese buyers can easily negotiate for high price to buy illegally the red pandas from Myanmar. In fact, the Chinese Government prohibits hunting red pandas in their territories. Thus, illegal trade of red pandas from Myanmar is alternate option for Chinese buyers. According to the reports, red pandas are also hunted for tests in the labs for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes, and primarily used for fur production.

Reports and researches state that places for red panda habitants are gradually decreasing due to timber and bamboo cutting in northern Kachin State. In particular, they are being poached as per the demands from abroad. Most are hunted dead for sale and only few are caught alive.

Other reports also stated that the residents in northern Kachin State rarely breed those red pandas but eat them as a meal. However, there is no such red panda shops in the bazaars. Despite of conservation works by China, Chinese people along the border area between China and Myanmar want red pandas for medicine, for hanging their skins at homes, or for leather. So, they can’t catch in China and buy red pandas from Myanmar through illegal channels. Let’s say that Chinese made conservation on red pandas in China but they kill Myanmar’s red pandas. The hunters and residents sell red pandas for money. It is circulating as mentioned and this is the reason why Myanmar’s red pandas are becoming extinct.

According to the documents, the red pandas can be found mainly in Myanmar including Nepal, India, Bhutan and China.
The number of red pandas can’t be recorded since they are secretive in nature and camera traps have not yet been installed in the northern area.

An observer remarks, “Red pandas are listed as endangered species. They are quite rare. So, they should be protected. We are deeply touched since these lovely little red pandas are facing life-threatening danger, so we’d like to suggest that they should be protected urgently.”

Due to the lack of conservation, protection and technology assistance, the scared red pandas in Myanmar are struggling for their living. Those reasons can make enough to the endangered rare species to be extinct. There have been some claims by observers and red panda monitors to pay attention for protection on rare red pandas. --

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