Under MNDAA’s ruling mechanism, only Laukkai locals remain in city with economic collapse


Khit (NP News) - April 3

People are steadily leaving Laukkai City since no businesses can operate due uprising commodity prices, according to Laukkai residents.

The Statesman News Journal conducted an interview with Laukkai residents on the situation of Laukkai City after the clashes initiated by MNDAA.

“The local businesses were totally stopped. And MNDAA raised the taxes in yuan. Therefore, the businesses can’t be operated again and the number of people is decreasing within the city. So, some shops can’t be reopened,” the resident said.

In addition, Laukkai residents face economic hardship and the transportation charges are also high, according to the residents.

In the health sector, Laukkai people have to take medical care at private clinics. On 26 March, the MNDAA collapsed Bamar ethnic-owned houses in Laukkai City. In addition, the MNDAA troops do not allow Bamar ethnic to enter and reside in Laukkai City.

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