Two Chin armed groups fight in Matupi


Khit/Thuta Kyaw (NP News) - June 24

A reliable source from Matupi Township reported that intense clashes near a Tatmadaw strategy camp. The fighting involved two Chin armed groups: one aligned with AA insurgents and another, the Chin National Front (CNF) under the Chinland Council.

The Chinland Council, aligned with the exile National Unity Government (NUG), is a separate entity from the AA-backed Chin Brotherhood Group (Chin National Organization). The latter comprises the Mara Area Administrative Council, Chin Defense Forces (Kanpalak), Chin National Council (Mindat), Zomi Federal Association, Chin National League, and the Chinland Defense Forces (Matupi) Brigade (1).

The mentioned armed groups released statements respectively on 18 June. According to the statement issued by the Chinland Council, they are preparing to seize Tatmadaw’s Infantry Brigade No. 140 and Tactical Brigade in Matupi Township. On 17 June, AA and joint forces arrested one of the soldiers of Chinland Council. Additionally, the Chinland Council placed a barrier between Fanai Village and Infantry Brigade No. 140, where AA prevented them from carrying out the operation. The statement stated that the joint forces, including the CDF-Matupi Brigade-2, including the Chinland Council, they do not allow the obstruction in the areas where operations are being conducted and will continue to occupy Infantry Brigade No. 140 and Tactical Brigade as soon as possible.

In a counter-statement on June 18, the Chin Brotherhood Group claimed success in "Operation-CB" across Kyindway, Tedim, and Matupi Townships. They reported seizing offices of electricity providing corporation and power tower stations in Kyindway and Tedim. It is also stated that the CNF/CNA and its forces opened operations towards Infantry Brigade No. 304 in Matupi on June 17 and were advancing towards Infantry Brigade No. 140 and the Tactical Brigade.
During the operation, CNF/CNA stated that they were ambushed.

The Chin National Army (CNA) reported a tense encounter on the same day. A CNA member driving near the targeted Infantry Brigade No. 140 was detained for questioning but released the next day. Despite this, the CNF, along with allied forces, launched an attack on the Brigade using drones, 40 mm launchers, 60 mm launchers, heavy weapons and small weapons. The Chin Brotherhood (Chin National Organization) stated that, two of their fighters were killed and many others injured in the clash.

"It was like trespassing the territory. Brigade No. 2 will move in their side, while our brigade will move in our side. However, it appears that the Chin Brotherhood took shelter in the village. When Brigade No. 2 attempted to transport the elderly from the village, they were arrested by Brigade No. 2. The Chins only arrested them but the interrogation was reported conducted by AA," a source told The NP News.

"At present, before attacking the strategic hill, there is a situation where they are fighting each other. The Chinland Council is concerned that the local villagers' properties might be affected, so they have decided not to fight within the villages. However, the Chin Brotherhood (Chin National Organization) is fighting taking the shelter from the houses, according to them.” he continued.

'The joint forces with the CNA are making the attacks outside the town, not within it. The Chin Brotherhood (Chin National Organization) is under AA's command, so they have to follow AA's strategy. Taking shelter inside the houses is a tactic of the joint forces that include AA,' said the local resident."

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