Travel Now, Pay Later! Domestic getaways more accessible with ‘Let's Travel Easily’


Hsu/ Yoon (NP News) - July 7

Reports indicate a rising interest in implementing installment-based plans for domestic travel.

A local travel agency ‘Let's Travel Easily’ makes dream vacations more accessible, offering both domestic and international travel on an installment plan.

The company has implemented a new installment plan, allowing customers to pay for their trips in three monthly installments.

"Understanding that travel budgets might be tight during the rainy season, ‘Let's Travel Easily’ is offering a convenient three-month installment plan to make your dream vacation more accessible," said Ko Ye Yint Htun, a representative for the company, in an interview with The NP News.

The company has already launched plans for the Kalaw-Inle and Bagan-NyaungU tours, with the first domestic tour set to commence on July 18.

“The Bagan-NyaungU tour (3 nights-4 days) starts at K200,000 per person, while the Kalaw-Inle tour is priced at K245,000 per person. To make things easier, Let's Travel Easily allows you to spread the cost over three installments, with the first payment being half the total cost,” mentioned Ko Ye Yint Htun.

"With our three-month installment plan, you pay half of the travel expenses upfront in the first month. Then, you can travel with us immediately. The remaining costs are split evenly over the next two months. This arrangement is convenient for those who genuinely want to travel now but need some flexibility in payments. Some companies offer installment plans for international tours with payments spread over a year, which might involve higher interest rates.

However, our plan is for only three months, and we charge the minimum appropriate rate to keep costs down for our travelers," he explained.
The response to the installment plan has been overwhelming, with many customers inquiring about extending it to international tours.

"We are not yet offering international tours. There have been inquiries, but we are planning to arrange them in the upcoming open season. International tours will be more expensive, and given the current volatility of the dollar exchange rate, we are not offering them yet. For now, we are focusing only on domestic tours to keep costs down for our travelers," Ko Ye Yint Htun explained.

It is reported that individuals interested in participating in installment-based travel must submit a copy of their National Identity Card, Household Registration document, an original letter of recommendation from their local ward or township, an employment confirmation letter from their HR department, and complete the form specified by LTE Tour.

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