Protecting sovereignty is NOT A CRIME


Tun Mon Thet (NP News) - July 10

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), founded by the United States right after World War II, has allowed six Western countries including Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Britain, and one Islamic state: the Maldives, on 4 July, to conduct an additional intervention in the Gambia’s allegation of Myanmar genocide case at the ICJ.

The West African Muslim country Gambia filed the case against Myanmar accusing it of committing genocide against the Bengali aliens (what they called ‘Rohingya’; and hereinafter shall be used ‘the Bengalis’ or ‘the aliens’) in 2019 referring to the conflicts broke out in Myanmar’s western territory in 2016 and 2017.

Retracing the case
The dispute began in October 2016 when the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) terrorists raided the Myanmar borderline security outposts, where only around ten police personnel were deployed, with disprop­ortionate numbers of approximately 400 ARSA terrorists or more. In the terroristic assaults by the aliens, at least 20 police personnel were brutally killed; of which some were dismembered.

In response, the Myanmar Tatmadaw launched a military operation against the Bengali terrorists. It merely was a military measure taken against the armed terrorists by the State-troop in the sphere of defending the country’s sovereignty.

Terminology of the military operation is “နယ်မြေရှင်းလင်းရေး” in Myanmar language, which can be simply translated as clearing the territory from insurrections or rebels. However, the term was recklessly translated by the foremost scholars as ‘clearance operation’, which in turn, unfortunately, later was the written record to drive Myanmar and the Tatmadaw into the frame of so-called genocide accusations by the nations and entities affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Following the October 2016 outrage, the ARSA, within Rakhine State especially in the borderline villages, not only committed military offenses to the small outposts but also killed the indigenous Rakhine, Mro, and Kaman ethnics, and Hindus who want to live with peaceful coexistence in the area, as the 2017 bloodshed in Rakhine State.

There were prominent reports that the Bengali terrorists killed more than 150 Hindus including women, men, and children, and abducted several Hindu villagers in August 2017. Such atrocity committed by the Bengali terrorists ARSA is deemed to be a crime against humanitarian. However, the massacre of the Hindus done by the Bengali terrorists did not receive international attention or widespread condemnation, unlike the Western group that frequently advocated for the Bengali crisis. Rapes, brutal killings, forcibly occupying the villages and fields, and setting ablaze the houses and villages are the techniques the aliens usually use against other communities.

Rakhine State
It is situated on Myanmar’s western coast, and territorially connected with Chin State, Magway Region, Bago Region, and Ayeyarwady Region, the Bay of Bengal to the west, and Bangladesh. Diverse ethnicities involving Rakhine, Kaman, Bamars, Mro, Khami, Thet, Maramagyi, Dinat, and Bengalis living in the territory with 63 percent Buddhism, 36 percent Muslim, 0.3 percent Hindus and the rest others.

Court case without a primary source of evidence
‘Genocide’ – an ill-combined accusation with a lack of primary source to prove the Myanmar military actually committed the act is a hundred percent dull. Improper evidence won’t make a perfect accusation against Myanmar as the reality was totally reversed.

They concluded that a 2017 military campaign by Myanmar drove 730,000 Rohingya into neighbouring Bangladesh .

Myanmar denies genocide, rejecting the United Nations fact-finding mission’s "biased and flawed" conclusion. In fact, the crackdown only targeted the armed Bengali terrorists ARSA who attacked the country’s sovereignty.
The concept of sovereignty in the arena of international law excludes and expels the illegal migrants. Attacking a country’s State-troops, security outposts, and border guard police is a hundred percent humiliating the sovereignty. Defending the sovereignty and the national interest isn’t considered a crime.

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